Laurie Reeves

Laurie Reeves

Born in Manhattan, while living in San Francisco, Laurie was discovered by the famous designer Gianni Versace who offered her a contract to work in Milan, Italy during the 80's when Italian Fashion designers "ruled the world".  Her international modeling career was born.

During her life in Europe and global travels, she was visually influenced,  working with all of the top names and talent in fashion from Armani to Versace in Milan;  Givenchy to Ungaro in Paris as well as London, Germany, NYC and Japan.

Moving back to New York City she established yet another successful career working at the boutique consulting firm, Lubin Lawrence, Inc.; Global consumer branding consultants for the Fortune 100, earning a reputation for her natural "gift" of insight.

Her natural creative talent, combined with 7 years of working with fashion’s elite and 8 years of branding experience, have developed her with the ability  to  intuitively   create  images that elevate the artist's view of himself, to a look and image they never believed they could be, and one in which their viewers.... will never forget.